WOLFE CITY — Wolfe City’s Volunteer Fire Department has placed into service a new, 2,000-gallon water tender purchased with a $200,000 grant from the Texas A&M Forest Service.

“The most valuable asset is that we can now transport water safely with a vehicle that was built for that specific purpose,” said VFD Assistant Fire Chief Aaron Deary. “It will be safer for firefighters and the public.”

The new tender also has a portable drop tank and LED lamps on the rear to help illuminate fire scenes at night.

Deary said that, while hydrants exist in the town of Wolfe City, much of the VFD’s response area is rural, meaning that arriving fire vehicles would not have access to water.

He said the tender will also help the VFD offer aid more frequently in fire emergency situations that might arise in surrounding districts.

The grant program used by Wolfe City was the Rural VFD Assistance Program, funded by the Texas Legislature and administered by the A&M Forest Service.