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March Newsletter

March 7th, 2016 5:08 PM by NE TEXAS REALTY GROUP



March Edition

This month's newsletter is full of ways to help save you money around town and get organized. I've got a guide for lowering your property taxes and a handy checklist to get you started on your spring cleaning.

3 Steps To Lower Your Property Tax

Property tax is an expense that most homeowners consider a “given” that they can't change. Most homeowners don't know that they can file an appeal to have their property taxes lowered.

The first step to lowering your property taxes means you have to understand how the county tax assessor determines taxes in our area. Once you have this information, you'll know if you want to file an appeal on your own or use my help as a real estate professional.

If you want to try this yourself, bring up details of your home that the assessor may have over looked. You can look for features that make your house less valuable like an odd layout or being next door to a cemetery. Also, make sure the assessor has the correct dimensions of your home and the correct valuation. To do this, get comps of homes recently sold in your immediate area that are similar to your home. If you don't know how to get these, I can assist you.

Last, and most importantly, you want to make sure you have all of your research and documents in order so that your appeal as a better chance of getting approved and your property taxes lowered.

Following these steps can help you lower your property tax. It also gives you a clearer understanding of how County calculates your tax. If you decide that you want to use a real estate professional, I'm available through SHERRY DICKSON TEAM / Harold Carter Realtors to help you. Contact me at or (903) 361-2733 for advice.


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Tips and Tricks

De-clutter your house. This is the time to get started on your spring cleaning.

Touch up the paint. Paint your interior rooms a neutral color, touch up your exterior paint and repaint your front door.

Develop a green thumb. Start caring for your yard from the beginning of spring for great curb appeal.



Spring Cleaning Checklist

The idea of spring cleaning can be refreshing and pretty daunting at the same time. The thought of cleaning your home from top to bottom while targeting every dusty and questionable corner isn’t one most people smile about, but the result leaves you feeling pretty accomplished.

Spring Cleaning is a large-scale task, and most people want to start with the kitchen or the garage. But, I’ve found that it’s better to start small, building your momentum. There are some tasks you can do to prep every room. Cleaning a high traffic area with a low traffic area helps you take on the task in manageable chunks.

Here’s a checklist for putting a dent in that spring cleaning. This first group of areas you’ll tackle in this three part spring cleaning list will be the living areas, dining room and small tasks for every room.

Living Areas

Clean furniture with a vacuum cleaner
Rearrange furniture, cleaning under and behind it.
Clear out and wipe drawers, cabinets and book shelves

Dining Room

Wipe and polish table tops and buffet tops
Polish display silver
Wipe down china and other ceramic display item
Clear and wipe out drawers, china cabinets

Every Room

Dust walls, ceilings, corners and vents
Dust & wipe photographs, decorations and ceiling fans
Spot clean the walls
Wash drapes and rugs
Wipe windows and window sills. Caulk if needed
Vacuum and shampoo the carpet
Polish anything metal
Wax anything wooden
Get re-organized using boxes for donations, recycling and trash
Turn rugs the opposite direction for even wearing

Once you’ve finished these tasks, the rest is a breeze. Next month, I’ll give you a checklist for taking on your kitchen and bathrooms. Remember, de-cluttering is the first step in selling your home. If you or someone you know needs a sellers’ agent, email me at me or call me at (903) 361-2733 and I'll be glad to help.


Spring Selling Tips

Kitchens are the heart. Remember that your kitchen is your home’s biggest asset and you should present it as such. As the saying goes, "kitchens and baths sell houses."

Model your home. Take the best and clearest photos for your home. Homes with more and better pictures hook more buyers and make them more interested.

Set the Stage. Arrange your furniture to maximize the available space in all of your rooms. For quick shot of color, put out a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers to invite buyers to tour the home.


Questions about buying or selling?

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